How do you spend your time off?

One of my favorite things to do is travel and explore cities. I just really enjoy going new places, dropping into random spots to eat, checking out new coffee shops, and just seeing the sights. Portland, OR is definitely an area I frequent. I just love the city, and I love hiking around Mt. Hood and The Gorge. I feel like I just vibe really well with the downtown culture, and I could totally see myself living there one day.

Also, I'm a guitar player. I'm not amazing, but I love to play. I can pick around a little bit, but I mainly chord since I'm the guitarist for my church's worship team. Most of what I play is in the CCM and worship music genres. I have five guitars right now (four acoustic, one electric, two of them are on loan to me). I rotate using two of them mainly. I love the crisp sound of the D'angelica, but you can't beat the the vibrance and fullness of a classic Taylor.

Coffee would definitely be here on the list. I love to check out new coffee shops or find one and hang out there. Here in Pasadena, we have some pretty amazing one's. My favorite is Blue Bottle, and I'd go there more often if there was seating and well... wifi. Most of the time you'll find me just chilling at a local Starbucks.

Another thing I really enjoy is hanging out with my family. Honestly, that's at the top of my list for how I like to spend my time off. A lot of people don't have family that is as great as mine so I'm extremely grateful for the one I have, and it's fun to go out and do these things with them. Although, I'm content just hanging out around the table or in the living room just having fun, talking, laughing, and whatever else we do!

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